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PostSubject: Helsinki, Finland   Helsinki, Finland Icon_minitimeSun Jul 01, 2007 2:16 am

Julia: *Music beats loudly, lights flashing at the club. She sits at the bar, downing a beer. Body's press brush against her as people walk by or dance. Scanning the crowd she looks for the killer. For anyone going into a back room. But so far nothing, just people dancing, and the nagging feeling she's being watched.*

Bartender: Want another? *shouts and gives her a friendly grin.*

Julia: *shakes her head. The nagging feeling becomes stronger and she tries not to scan the room. The bottle in her hand shivers with the music and she grips it tight. She had come to Finland for a long vacation, and still ended up wanting to hunt. Its just wasn't possible for her to relax and enjoy anything without having nightmares. Sighing, she shoves the mental door of pain closed, blocking old memories. Someone slides into a stool next to her and motions for the bartender to go away.*

Lucian: You shouldn't be here.

Julia: *gives the newcomer a sharp glance, thinking, Who the hell does he think he is?* I can be anywhere I want.

Lucian: *grabs her wrist and makes Julia face him. Her skin crawls at how cool his touch is, and she realizes what he is.* I mean it. *His, eyes turn black and his voice echos*

Julia: *Something settles over her mind and she blinks. What the hell?* Let go of me. Before I break your arm. *rips out of his grasp and slips into the crowd. Heads for some stairs that lead to the second floor of the building. At the top, a few people mingle, kissing or just nodding there heads to the music. They watch her lazlily as she walks on by and towards a door at the end of the hallway. She still feels the eyes of the guy on her and her skin aches from where he grabbed her. Pushing through the door she finds herself in a dimly lit room, a guard is standing next to a doorway and he looks at her.*

Guard: What are you doing up here?

Julia: *sizes him up* Um...Im trying to hide from a creep. *eyes the door behind him, and wonders about all the murders. Everything led to this club, what if it began in that room?*

Guard: Hide somewhere else.

Julia: *adds a whine to her voice.* Please? Just let me stay here just for a minute.

Guard: *opens his mouth to reply and goes stiff as something is heard beyond the door. He swallows nervously and looks at Julia* Be quiet.

Julia: *hears a commotion outside the doorway in the club area. A few people scream and the guard shoves his way past her.* Perfect. *Without a hesitation she slips into the room where the guard had been standing. Its an expensive decorated bedroom, lights dim. Windows stood open in front of her, leading out onto a balcony.*

Woman: What are you doing in here?

Julia: *spins around in surprise to see a long brown haired woman staring at her, looking Julia up and down.*

Woman: I didn't ask for anyone to be brought...

Julia: Sorry, wrong room....*tries to walk past*

Woman: *puts out a hand.* no no no. Your okay. You can stay here.

Julia: *wides eyes and she tries not to look creeped out.* No thanks really.

Woman: *eyes shine brightly and she steps closer to Julia, eyeing her up and down. Grabs the womans hand*

Julia: I'm serious. No thank you. Now get out of my way before I hurt you.

Woman: *thickly* I'd like to see that.

Julia: *curls lip in disgust* Lady!

Woman: *starts to lean in before spinning around and looking at the door. She gets an angried look and groans. Before she can do anything the door burst open*

Julia: Not you again! *She yells and beats off the woman's arm. What the hell was going on?*

Lucian: You. *looks at Julia then his eyes dart to the woman. He lunges at her, and throws her against the wall. Julia takes a few steps back, trying to stay out of the way, trying to escape. Whatever this was, it wasn't what she was looking for.*

Woman: *breaks free from Lucian's grasp and grabs Julia. Tensing up Julia throws a punch at the woman and kicks her away. I need to get out of here now! *thinks* Tries to slip past the fighting bodies but is throw back by a punch. The woman grabs her hair and yanks her head up. Only the woman wasn't young any more, but rather she was old.*

Julia: Oh god, gross! *Kicks at the woman as she leans in to kiss Julia's cheek. She head butts the old woman and scrambles up. Lucian grabs Julia and shoves her out of the way. Something hard hits her back and she realizes she on the balcony, she feels herself tip back over towards the edge. Instinct kicks in and she leans forward to grab something. Hair brushes her finger tips and she grabs it, but it wasn't enough. The balcony's metal railing gives way and Julia falls backwards towards the road. The old woman screaming as she falls down with Julia to the road below.*

*The old woman fights Julia to let her go, the womans lips brush her neck and she feels weak. Julia can't scream, but the old woman does, and suddenly she hears her back break as she slams into the empty road. Ribs shove through her stomach and Julia cries out in pain. Metal falls from the sky and she blinks in terror. She can't move, everything is quiet now. A rod spins in the air, so close , it stops spinning and falls straight down into Julia's chest.*


Her whole body burns, the twitching of her fingers magnifying the pain. Her heart beats slowly, ever so slowly.

Evaline: Lucius? *calls as she enters his apartment.*

Lucian: Here.

Evaline: *follows his voice into his bedroom.* OH DUDE! NO! I don't want to see this.

Lucian: *growls* I wasn't feeding.

Evaline: *looks up into his green eyes.* Then what were you doing? Why did you call me?

Lucia: We have a problem. *looks down at Julia.Evaline follows his gaze and sees the blood spread on Julia's chest.*

Evaline: What the hell happend?

Lucian: I was hunting Laura Grey and this...girl got caught in the crossfire. I don't know if shew as touched....but...she fell off the balcony and was speared by one of the rods.

Evaline: God...Lu....we have to bury her. Unless.....*looks up at Lucias. Fells a flick of anger* Are you?

Lucian: *barely glances at Evaline.* No. Why would I? she irritates me.

Evaline: *a wave of relief courses through her body* Then why did you bring me here?

Lucian: *cocks his head slightly and closes his eyes, peace settling over his face.* because she's still alive.

Evaline: Excuse me? How? It pierced through her heart! If she's alive we have to get her to a hospital!

Lucain: No. She doesn't need one. She can heal.

Evaline: What?

Lucian: *eyes sparkle darkly* Heal. When I pulled the rod out, she was dead. And a few minutes later I heard her heart begin to beat. And then..*Lifts the top of Julia's shirt up, exposing where the rod had hit. The skin is still closing slowly over the wound*

Evaline: *she jumps up and backs away.* What the hell? She heals?

Lucian: Amusing isn't it? I think she works for Laura, funny right? Laura steals youth and she heals.

Evaline: You think they work together?

Lucian: Why not? When I burst into Laura's room, she was in there as well. The only thing I don't get though, *he tilts his head and regards Julia with soft eyes* Is why she fought Laura, unless it was an act.

Evaline; You realize your paranoid right?

Lucian: Evaline, when you've lived as long as I have, you have to be paranoid.

Evaline: *aggravated sigh* why didn't you just kill her?

Lucian: *chill runs up Evaline's spine as he smiles wickedly* Questions.

Evaline: *grimance and thinks it would be better to kill the girl*

Lucian: Leave.

Evaline: Lu.....

Lucian: Leave, *stares at her* dawn is rising and I need sleep.

Evaline: *sighs and turns away. Praying the girl would survive, even if she was working with Laura*


Julia: *Inhales deeply, the injury a dull ache now. Curls her fingers as she wakes up more fully. Thinks, What the hell happened? Eyes flicker open to a dark room and the feel of cool sheets beneath her. Awakens fully as she realizes she's on a bed. Sits up, heart racing, head swimming.* What the-

Lucian: Good your awake.

Julia: *head turns to her left side swiftly, Lucian is at a window, watching the night sky. He's watching her with guarded eyes. Moves off the bed, putting it between her and him, takes a few steps back before speaking* Where am I?

Lucian: *grins coldly and pulls away from the window.* My home. Are you afraid?

Julia: No. *watches him move gracefully towards her* Why am I here?

Lucian: *teeth flash and a shiver runs down Julia's spine. In a flash he's right in front of her and growls* Tell me about laura.

Julia: *tenses and goes to punch him, he blocks her fist but not her legs and she kicks his knees. Blood rushing through her veins she runs out of the room, searching for a way out of the house. She hits the tile floor as something knocks her in the back. Lucian pins her down with one hand, teeth barred.*

Lucian: Tell me what you know!

Julia: *Kicks his back with her feet, trying to wrap around him. He press her into the tile, harder and she cries out. He leans in and growls in her ear*

Lucian: Tell me.

Julia: *Kicks really hard and he releases her, army crawling, she moves away before jumping up and running again. Sensing him behind her she stops and kicks out. He grabs her right foot and she drops to the ground on her hands and turns to kick out with her left foot. Her foot meets his knee again and he lets her go. Jumping up she kicks out again as he stumbles back, hitting him in the chest. She punches his face until he hits the wall before running again. Entering the living room she screams as he's suddenly in front of her, cheek split and bleeding. Baring fangs he hits her and uses his arm to shove her against a wall. moving the arm up he press into her throat.*

Lucian: TELL ME! Why is she killing them?

Julia: *grimaces and beats at his arm, black swarming into her vision* N-N-Nothing...I don't know.....nothing...

Lucian: *Steps back, releasing his hold for a second before ramming his arm back into her throat. She cries weakly and scratches at his arm.*

Julia: I......swear.....

Lucian: *hisses* Liar!

Julia: I....don't....*He steps in closer, pressing harder, her lungs scream but she blinks through it realizing his mistake. With a swift wobbly kick, she hits between his legs and he releases, groaning. Another kick was planted on his stomach and she stumbles towards the front door. The brass knob brushes her fingers before she hits the ground again, and a roar fills her ears. Lucian was pinning her down again, fangs bared and leaning in for the kill.*

Lucian: *slides the tips of his fangs across her neck, hearing the blood pulse beneath him, the Craving shivering inside him to taste it.* Tell me....and this will be.....painless.

Julia: *closes her eyes, and tries to ignore everything. Trying to think of an escape. Her heart beats harder, a loud roar in her ears. Lucian growls quietly behind her.*

Lucian: *whispers, softly, his voice soothing, yet commanding* Tell me.

Julia: *groans* I don't know.....anything. *fights back his voice as he tries to control her*

Lucain: *breathes* Come on.....it'll all be over...soon.

Julia: NO! *throws her head back and hits him in the face. Feels his teeth scratch at her throat, trails of blood well up and start to falll. Scrambles out from beneath him and grabs the door handle. She opens it and falls out into the hallwall. Jumping up she starts to run towards the stairs. Lucain roars an runs out into the hallway. Julia turns to look behind her and slams into someone. Losing her balance, she falls and falls down part of the stairs* Why me?!

Lucain: EVALINE! Stop her!

Evaline: Lu? What's going on. *rushes to Julia's side and helps her sit up.*

Julia: You are nuts!

Evaline: *sees the blood on Julia's throat.* Oh my god, Lucian. What did you do?

Lucian: I'm trying to stop this madness. *looks at Evaline and Julia from the top of the steps*

Julia: I hate this place....*holds her head*

Evaline: Its not that bad, just Lu tends to darken it.

Julia: *presses a hand to her neck* I can tell.

Evaline: *Watches Lucian's pitch black go back to his normal grenn eyes. He watches Evaline and Julia with no indiffrence, until his eyes dart to Julia's neck and he clenchs his jaw. She shivers, the remnder of Lu not being human still shook her.*

Julia: You don't have to help me. Although if your done trying to kill me, I'd like to leave this place. *pulls away from evaline. and shakes her head*

Evaline: We just want to know what Laura is doing.

Julia: *angrily* yeah well find someone else, cause I am NOT the one to be asking. I just came to put a stop to it, not to be eaten by that *nods at Lucian who growls*

Evaline: stop it? Your fighting Laura? We thought you were with her.

Julia: Well i'm NOT. Now i'm leaving, and I don't want to see any of you again.*starts to walk away*

Lucian: You knew.

Evaline: Lucian. stop it.

Lucian: *smiles at Julia* You knew what I was, when we first met

Julia: *eyes darken.* So?

Lucian: Forgive me, I just thought since you knew already what I was and I didn't show you, that maybe you'd know what Laura is. We've been after her for awhile now.

Julia: *stops and regards Lucain, her throat throbs slightly as it starts to heal* I know what your trying to do. Your trying to make me help you. Guilt trip thing.

Lucain: *smiles* maybe. We just need help.

Julia: Fine. I'll help. Only because I want this thing gone alright?

Lucian: Of course.

Lucian: *leans against the wall as Julia skims over articles on the internet.* I"m sorry bout...before *eyes flick to her neck where his teeth had scratched her. Luckily he hadn't tasted her blood.*

Julia: Whatever.

Evaline: *sighs* I can't find anything on this issue of ours.

Julia: *looks at the ground and bites her lip. Thinks: Come on, it has to be something. Think!! Leaning back in teh chair she looks at Lucian then Evaline.* Wait a second....I have an idea. *opens up google and searches for something.*

Lucian: *leans in towards Julia, her heart beating faintly in his ears. Evaline's heart started to race and he looked back at her.* You okay?

Evaline: Yeah. *shivers, seeing his eyes were pitch black. He smiles and they return back to their normal color*

Julia: God I can't believe I didn't think of this before. Have any of you of the story of Dorian grey?

Evaline: Um, the man who sold his soul to the devil? He could never turn old?

Julia: Only his picture could. Right. So what if....What if Laura is a version of Dorian.

Evaline: Explain the bodies.

Julia: I'm thinking.

Lucian: Fountain of youth. *looks at Julia*

Julia: *raises an eyebrow to him.* 'scuse me?

Lucian: Fountian of youth. But instead of water or whatever its humans. Like vampires to blood she's stealing their youth.

Julia: makes sense. But.. *mind goes back to when she fell, how laura kissed her neck. Realizes Lucian is watching her.*

Lucain: You were saying?

Evaline: So how do we stop her?

Lucian: *looks up.* I don't know, so far everything we've tried just doesn't work. Its like she's immune to everything.

Evaline: Great.

Julia: *thinks, and now she's impossible to fight....if she has my powers....*

Evaline: maybe we can behead her. haven't tried that yet.

Lucian: Sure. Just let me do it. I don't want any accidents happening towards me.
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PostSubject: Re: Helsinki, Finland   Helsinki, Finland Icon_minitimeSat Aug 04, 2007 9:49 pm

Julia: *Walks down an ally towards yet another club. It was her eighth one tonight. The other seven held no sign of Laura. Lucian was trailing them slowly, scouting around other possible areas, Evaline, was next to Julia. Talking about some happy bubbly thing. She sighed, ignoring evaline's words, she wanted to be left alone, but Evaline didn't want to hear it. And Lucian agreed. Thinks: Gah, how can Evaline be so damn happy?*

Evaline: *smiling* -so thats how I came to Finland. How bout you?

Julia: hmm? *looks at Evaline* oh, um...vacation.

Evaline: *laughs* Some vacation!!

Julia: yeah....

Evaline: So I bet Lucian gave you a fright.....he does that alot. He's such a loner. But he's good....in a way. Sure he has his moments you know?

Julia: hmmm

Evaline: But he knows alot, and he knows how people are to. Like I was suprised he got you wrong about the whole Laura thing. Normally he knows a hunter when he sees one. But apparently you just got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sorry you have to be caught in this. I know I'm not much of a fighter but I can help you kick ass.

Julia: *angrily* I can f-

Evaline: We are HERE!

Julia: *scowls, regretting ever wanting to help Lucian and Evaline. Thinks: I am a hunter, i can fight. I wonder if any one would miss Evaline if she just....disappered. Smiles*

Evaline: A smile! For awhile I thought mabye you don't smile. Like Lucian. He never smiles.

Julia: *She blocked out Evaline's voice as they walked into the bar crowded with people. Music pulsated, the air virbrating with each beat. Evaline was still talking and she looked at Evaline.* Let's split up!

Evaline: What?

Julia: *smiles and walks away from Evaline. People pushed her as she walked through the crowd looking for that familiar face. She past a crowded table filled with girls all laughing. She past another table filled with people, talking loudly, trying to be heard over the music. Her heart thumped loudly in anger, where the hell was Laura? Movement above her, drew her eyes to the second level. And there she was, Laura looking down at the crowd. Surveying everyone. Hurriedly she pushed past everyone, trying to make it to the stairs.* I've got you. *Running up the metal steps, she reaches the top to see Laura looking at her.*

Laura: Well, well. I have to say your one of the better ones.

Julia: *watches ever movement that laura makes. Planning out how to take down Laura by herself.*

Laura: Speechless? You weren't like that when we met. Come. Have a drink.

Julia: No thank you. What are you up to?

Laura: What am I up to? I'm preserving my youth. and you helped quiet a bit thank you.

Julia: Excuse me?

Laura: You haven't figured it out? You, every last one of you humans, help me preserve myself. All of you are my fountain to my youth. The only side effect, is sometimes I pick up habits or pains of you people. One girl always got nasty headaches, and sadly thats what I get now to. But since meeting you, they disappeared. Its intresting, that unlike the other people your not dead yet. *Julia watches Laura, letting Laura talk herself out* The ability to heal as fast as you is.....amazing. And having you...I would never have to kill another person. What do you think of that?

Julia: No chance.

Laura: To bad, its not a choice for you.

Julia: *runs straight at her, jumps and kicks out. both her feet landing a hard blow onto Laura's chest. Laura is thrown back and Julia falls to the floor. Rising up Julia curls her hands into fists and bounces on the balls of her feet, watching Laura as she rises* Come get it bitch, and I'll show you you have no choice but to die.

Laura: *spits blood out of her mouth and rubs her jaw* Won't you come quietly?

Julia: Going quietly isn't my thing. *kick out with her left foot, aiming high, towards Lauras head. Laura jerks into action and blocks the kick with her feet. An electrical jolt is shot through Julia's body and she tenses up before falling to the ground.*


Julia: *wakes up, and sees a textured white ceiling. Blinks a few times, trying to remember what happened. Her arms were strechted above her head and she tries to move them only to find them chained to a headboard. Looking down at her body she realizes she's chained to a bed.* Okay....Kinky. This is sooooo wrong.

Laura: If you came quietly none of this would have happened.

Julia: *looks off to the left side of the bed where Laura sat in a chair watching her.* Stalker material. Really.

Laura: shut up Julia. If your a good girl, I might even let you walk around the room. Now let me do my business

Julia: *moves around slightly, testing for any weakess or break in the wood or chains. Nothing. At least her legs are free* Stay away from me. I don't want to be a donor to you. You should rot like everyone else. *sees the fine lines appearing on Laura's face, the liver spots on her hands darkening*

Laura: Are you this angry towards Lucian? Do you tell him to rot?

Julia: *clenches her jaw.* We're not friends. I tell him to go to hell.

Laura: *leans in close and her lips brush Julia's neck. Julia recoils and feels suddenly weakened. Her whole body starts to hurt and she cries out in pain. Laura pulls back and Julia blinks several times. Licking her lips laura pulls back, her body in full youthful vigor.* See? that wasn't hard.

Julia: *feels tired.* Bitch.......your gonna pay.

Laura: Keep telling yourself that dear. *leaves the room* No one is coming to save you

Julia: *throws her head into the pillow trying to think out a plan*


Julia: *hours pass, and she's still chained to the bed, Laura hasn't come back yet. Julia looks out the window to see night falling. She had been there nearly one whole day. She didn't want to admit it but she kinda hoped Lucian and the ever annoying Evaline would come bail her out. Lets out a hopeless sigh and tugs at the chains.* Can't give up.

Laura: *comes in and gives Julia a smile.* Well....well...your still here. *laughs* Well I thought I'd feed you. I have to keep you alive so I can be alive. *holds up a bottle of champagne and a bag full of fast food.*

Julia: *watches Laura as she sets down the food and pulls out two glasses from a cupboard. She pours out the liquid filling the glasses almost to the brim and brings one of the glasses towards Julia.*

Laura: I have to thank you Julia for....everything you did for me. This friendship is gonna last for a long time.

Julia: Screw you. No it won't. I'll make sure of it.

Laura: Say what you want your mine. *Brings the cup of champagne close and Julia head butts the cup, champagne spills out and the glass shatters, shards cutting Julia's forhead and Laura's hands* BITCH!!

Julia: *smiles, and blinks back the blood that runs into her eyes* Yeah well the champagne's cheap anyways! *Laura lifted her hand, ready to slap Julia, she tensed waiting for the strick to come. Before the hand hit her, Julia brought her legs to her chest and kicked out towards Laura. The kick wasn't strong but enough to block the slap and make Laura stumble back. Bringing her legs close to her chest, Julia slipped off the bed onto the floor, the chain on her wrists rubbing against the skin painfully. She hears a pop as her left shoulder pops out of its socket*

Laura: *steadies herself and grabs the bottle of champagne. but drops it as a surge of pain hits her spine* AH!

Julia: *scoots towards the headboard, her arms complaining, the shoulder screaming. the wall stops her from going further and she slowly scoots herself into a standing position, lifting the chain over the post of the headboard Julia pops her shoulder back into place* Learn to imprison people better.

Laura: *glares at Julia, she feels more pain snake through her body* What the hell did you do to me?
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Hobbies: : absolutly deprived of it.
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PostSubject: Re: Helsinki, Finland   Helsinki, Finland Icon_minitimeThu Aug 09, 2007 12:00 am

Julia: What I'm gonna do is teach you not to piss me off again!! *kicks out at Laura and she falls to the ground, screaming.*

Laura: WHAT DID YOU DO! HELP! HELP!! *the pain is blinding, she hears her bones crack, flesh splitting*

Julia: *takes a step back in suprise, Laura's body was covered in wounds, every wound Julia had ever recieved in her life as a hunter. Even the ones that had killed her.* Oh my god.....*watches in horror as Laura's throat is ripped open and her skulll crack open. suddenly Laura goes silent. She's dead.* One hell of a way to go out. *searches the blood soaked body quickly or the key and find its in a pocket. Unlocking the cuffs, Julia steps away washes her hands in the sink of the bathroom and leaves the room behind.*


Julia: *Runs down an empty alley way not quiet sure where to go. Lucian popped into mind but they never came to help her, what was the point? Maybed she could stay at a motel for the night and catch a plan back to the USA. She didn't want to stay in Finland anymore. She looks behind her at the club, the sound of music a dull roar. She runs faster and runs through diffrent alley way's putting distance between her. A scream filled the night air, and Julia looked around for anything. She didn't want to investigate, in case it was someone that had found laura's body. The scream still echo's but finally dies, but it still rings in Julia's ears. Drawing her attention ahead of her, she see's Lucian standing in the middle of the alley.* God! Creepy much? *stops a few feet ahead of him*

Lucian: Your alive.

Julia: Yeah. Thanks to myself! *tries to walk around him* now excuse me, I'm leaving this hell hole.

Lucian: *grabs her arm and spins her towards him.* I'm sorry....I coudn't find you.

Julia: yeah well....it doesn't matter anyways. You were to busy feeding on some poor innocent person I bet.

Lucian: *clenches his jaw* I'm glad your alive.

Julia: *is shocked, but Lucian walks away, leaving her alone.*


Julia: *runs back to Lucian's place where her jacket lay inside his aparment near the computer. No one was there, which she was glad for. She grabs her jacket and gets her cell phone. One voicemail*

Dean: 'hey, uh... you're on Ror's cell, so I'm calling and get your ass down to Miami... there's been an accident'

Julia: *her heart stops and she clenches the phone* What?......No.....*shuts the phone and spins to the computer leaving her phone on the table, opening an internet page she types in an airline. Booking her ticket for Miami. The plane leaves tonight and she had exactly 2 hours to get there. She grabs her jacket* rory....god you better be okay. *runs to the front door and opens it only to see Lucian standing there, a shocked look on his face*

Lucian: Now you break into houses.......

Julia: *brushes past him.* I don't have time for this!

Lucian: Where you going?

Julia: I'm leaving. Okay? Happy? *storms off*

Lucian: *walks back inside annoyed at Julia. He spots her cellphone near the computer and picks it up, he turns and starts to leave to go find her. Only to see that the computer is on, an airline page confirming that Julia's ticket for Miami had been bought.* Miami? Whats in Miami? *looks at her cellphone before opening it and looking through her recent calls. he dials the voice mail and listens to Dean's message* Rory......She knows rory...
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PostSubject: Re: Helsinki, Finland   Helsinki, Finland Icon_minitime

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Helsinki, Finland
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