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 Rory's Story

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PostSubject: Rory's Story   Rory's Story Icon_minitimeThu Aug 02, 2007 4:52 pm

~Johnson Memorial Hospital~

Norah: *Gasps at her newborn's face* This is her?
Baby: *Tail whips behind her as she cries from being picked up in such a way*
Norah: This- this can't b her. *Touches her own lip as she looks at Rory's split and nonexistent upper lip that has a large chunk missing up to the nose. Her forked tongue was visible. Rory kept insistently crying as the mother disgustingly thrusts her away* Take it.
Dr. Morrey: *Looks at her, disturbed by her cruel demeanor*
Norah: Take it! *thrusts Rory at him again*
Dr. Morrey: *Takes the premature baby out of her arms, leaving the room. He would put her in an incubator right away. The doctor tickles her chin*
Baby: *Gleams up at him*
Dr. Morrey: *Enters the room and places her gently into an incubator, carefully taking care of her* There, you'll be fine. Once you're older, you'll be a beautiful girl. Wait and see. *Smiles gently at her before he turns around and leaves to go take care of other patients. He stops at a phone along the way* Dr. Landry? This baby will go into surgery immediately after she is old enough to be stable.

~ A year later ~

Dr. Morrey: *Sews the bottom of the baby's lip together as he slowly stitches her nose. It would keep until the skin could mold together peacefully. He then took a large pair of scissors and snipped off the tail. Blood immediately started spurting out.*
Nurse: *Puts it under immediate pressure* What now Doctor?
Dr. Morrey: We'll need to stitch that up as well.
Different nurse: *Threads a needle and hands it to the doctor*
Dr. Morrey: *Stitches up the baby's skin on her coxic with the thick wire* There. That's done.
Nurse: *Carefully flips the sedated infant over as she opens her mouth*
Different Nurse: *Threads another needle*
Dr. Morrey: *Sews up the baby's tongue* We're done for today.
Nurse: Where will this child go?
Dr. Morrey: To an orphanage somewhere.
Nurse: Those places are terrible!
Dr. Morrey: There's nothing else we can do. *Takes off his gloves and tends to the sleeping baby*

~ Four years later ~

Ms. Torrence: Hello Melissa, dear. *Smiles* As you know, once you are old enough, you may choose your own name.
Melissa: *Nods quietly. She already had a name in mind*
Ms. Torrence: Are you ready to pick your new name?
Melissa: Ywes na'am. *Tries to get the words out, but her newly split tongue makes it hard*
Ms. Torrence: *Holds a pen poised in her hand* Then what is it, dear?
Melissa: Rory Elizabeth Rose Smith. *Struggles with pronunciation*
Ms. Torrence: *Writes down the name* There you go. Rory Elizabeth Rose Smith *Smiles* Very pretty.
Rory: *Frowns. She'd meant Lorry Isabelleth Ruth Schmitt, but she wasn't one to argue. Instead she nodded curtly and walked out of the room*
Cloe: Hey devil face!
Rory: *Kept her head down and walked faster. Her fists clenched but she was not going to cry this time*
Cloe: *Throws a rock at the back of her head* Hey! I'm talking to you!
Rory: *Hears the other kids laugh. When she looks up she was surrounded by a bunch of kids, and all of them had rocks* Don't... please!
Kids: *They didn't listen, they just started throwing the rocks at her. All of them laughed as she succumbed to the cement under her. Still, they wouldn't stop pelting those rocks. It never seemed to end. It was like the kids had an endless supply of them*
Rory: *Hears the cook come to the rescue. Her name was Misha*
Misha: Git! Git! Git away from 'er. *Shoos them away, kneeling next to Rory* It'll be okay youngling. I promise. You just lay there and Misha'll take you to the nurse. *Picks Rory up, careful not to hurt any wounds, and walks towards the house*

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Rory's Story
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