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 Lawrence, Ohio

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PostSubject: Lawrence, Ohio   Lawrence, Ohio Icon_minitimeSat Jul 28, 2007 9:48 am

Lawrence, Ohio - July 1985

Sheridan Medical Center

Carter: *Holds Judy's hand as she walks him down the hall of the hospial* Momma, where do they put the babies?
Judy: Right there, honey... *stops at a large window, then lifts Carter up to look through it*
Carter: Which one's the new one? *looking at the rows of babies*
Judy: *laughs* They're all new, sweetie.
Carter: But which one is ours?
Judy: *points to a little pink bundle near the wall* That one... That's Uncle Jamie and Aunt Monica's.
Carter: *scrunches up his nose* It's in pink, mommy.
Judy: *laughing* That's because girls like pink.
Carter: *making a face* I don't like pink.
Judy: *brushes her hand in Carter's hair and puts him back down on the ground* I know, honey. You're a boy.
Carter: *takes Judy's hand as they start walking down the hall again* Momma can I hold her?
Judy: We have to ask Aunt Monica, sweetie.
Carter: I'll ask her...

James: Well there's the handsomest five year old I've seen all day... *laughs as Carter goes running up to him. He picks him up and throws him into the air* What's up buddy?
Judy: We just saw her... she's beautiful, Monica.
Monica: Yeah? Better be for the hours I put in to get her here... *props herself up on her elbows in her bed*
Judy: *laughs* Oh trust me, Monica... she was worth it.
Carter: She's wearing pink... *his nose scrunched up again*
James: *laughs* I know, I tried to get them to put her in camo, but they just gave me a weird look.
Monica: *rolls her eyes* Jamie's gonna have this girl a tom boy by the time she can walk.
Carter: *eyes wide* You can turn her into a boy and name her Tom?
James: *gives a half smile*
Judy: *brushes her hand in Carter's hair again as James sets him down*
James: Carter why don't we go get some goodies? *takes his hand and walks outside, leaving the women to talk*
Judy: So... *sits on the edge of the bed* How're the boys taking it?
Monica: I'm not sure... Tove's a little better with it, then Charlie. I don't think we'll fully know until we get her home and see how they are with her.
Judy: Well if you need any help. You know I'm there.
Monica: *grabs Judy's hand* Thanks.

James: *smiling as he eats his ice cream cone and Carter runs down the hall* Slow down, son...
Carter: *stops just around the corner and notices a man in dark clothing, standing at the baby window, looking in. His eyes go wide when the man looks at him and he sees that his eyes are red, almost glowing*
James: Carter? Son, you okay?
Carter: *turns to look at him* Uncle Jamie who's that man?
James: *looks around* What man?
Carter: *looks back and sees the man is gone* He was right there... *points to the baby window* He was looking at Baby.
James: *frowns* What'd he look like?
Carter: He had red eyes...
James: *laughs* You and your imagination... *picks him up* C'mon... you're ice cream's meltin' and your mother's waitin'. *heads into his wife's room where she and her best friend were*
Lawrence, Ohio - May 1989

The Fulke Home

Tay: *giggling and splashing in the pool as the sun goes down* Carter, no! *she tries to run in the water to get away as Carter goes off the diving board, but giggles when she's splashed with a ton of water when she doesn't make it*
Carter: *laughs and grabs onto her, hugging her*
Tay: Carter... *giggling, she tries to push his arms off her waist* Get off me... silly... *she keeps giggling and starts squirming*
Judy: *steps out onto the patio and smiles at the kids in the pool as she wipes a glass with her dishtowel* Kids... time to come in.
Carter: *he and Tay groan and look at her* Okay, mom... *makes his way over to the ladder, then turns and holds his hand out* C'mon, Tayla...
Tay: *smiles at him and takes his hand, letting him pull her through the water and to the ladder. She climbs out and turns around to look at him as he climbs out*
Carter: *grabs Tay's towel and wraps it around her shoulder* There, you're alll warm now.
Tay: *points behind her* Carter, who's that?
Carter: *turns around and freezes when he sees the dark figured man with red eyes standing behind them. He turns back to Tay* Tay, look at me. *catches her eye* Run, into the house, and don't look back. Got it? *looks back to where the man was but blinks and no longer sees him standing there. He swallows and turns Tay around, then pushes her as he leads her back into the house*
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Lawrence, Ohio
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